High Tea at MN Landscape Arboretum

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table®

When the temps appear with a - in front of them, I'm not necessarily dreaming of the Universtiy of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum; even though it's one of my favorite places to visit. 

But spiritedly speaking, I'm the storyteller of traditions and what better way for me to launch a new tradition than high tea at the arboretum in February. After all, this means sweet and savory delights, my personal favorite! As your perusing the photos below, just know that the single scone topped in pink wasn't one of those densely heavy scones. This little number was like a flaky Viennese pastry inside topped with the perfect amount of sugary icing, made all the more wonderful dressed in pink. Hmmm. I should have asked for a second scone...

Please take your seat at this particular Friday afternoon table. And guess what? The catering manager wanted to know if we'd come back for tea in the gardens this summer...AMEN to that!

PS. Sorry, I ate the Carrot Thyme with Gruyere soup and the finale, Strawberry Rosewater Tapioca, before I could take a photo. That's my story and you have no proof to the contrary.