7 secrets to flower food & keeping your fresh flowers fresh

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Just in case a beautiful bouquet lands on your Valentine's table, here are the best ways to keep those little lovelies fresh! I know some of these instructions take a little time, but which do you prefer: droopy flowers in yucky water, or enjoying them an extra week?


  1. Mix flower food in warm water, your flowers will enjoy warm water on their feet.
  2. Read the directions for using flower food; there is sugar to feed the flowers, an ingredient to keep bacteria low and an ingredient to keep the PH balance accurate
  3. Measure Flower Food with the correct amount of water.
  4. Change the water in the vase every couple of days, or when it becomes cloudy, dump the water, wash and rinse the container, fill with water and flower food
  5. Take the old flowers and the ones older on a stem out of your bouquet, the bouquet will last longer.
  6. For Arrangements in foam, soak the foam in fresh warm water with flower Food
  7. Mix a container of Flower Food and water to add to the design when there is no water in the reservoir of the container, then fill, sometimes twice a day. With heat on in the house, the foam dries out faster.