Flowers vs Baked Goods = A face-full of floral pie

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Whether or not you're new to flower arranging, or have enjoyed it for a bit, this flower design is an easy way to brighten up your winter table. It's designed to replicate a pie, so if you don't like baking a pie, this is so much simpler and fun to share with your guests.  

Fresh floral foam
1 stem white hydrangea for whipped cream
Hydrangea leaves
10 ranunculus or spray roses and buds
3 alstroemeria


  1. Lay hydrangea leaves around the base of the pie plate for crust
  2. Cut and soak floral foam 1” thick on top of the hydrangea foliages, fill pie plate with water
  3. Cut one hydrangea blossom in pieces, place stem in the foam deep to drink. Two blossoms will make more whipped cream look
  4. Add a row of ranunculus, spray roses, something colorful, even fresh strawberries, 
  5. Center with flowers of your choice; a cherry or a small succulent
  6. Be creative and have fun