Red-Gold-Green Christmas Flowers

by Reba Berge, Tastemaker in Residence


White Pine


Flat Cedar

Noble Fir

2 Red Roses

2 Green Fuji Mums

Gold Sticks

1 pinecone

2 gold ornaments

1 artificial red berry spray



Red Vase


  1. Mechanics/arrangement details, often begin with Oasis that’s been soaked in water: in this case, place the Oasis in the red vase and fill it up with water, after you’ve already soaked it in water for a bit in a sink. Wrap wire around a gold stick or branch for hanging the 2 gold balls.

  2. Always give the greens and flowers a fresh cut/trim, then place them in the red vase. Add the roses and mums. The gold ornaments can be hung on the wired gold sticks, or a stick/branch of your choosing. Add the pinecone and the red berry spray.

  3. This arrangement can take center stage on your buffet or dining room table for quite a while.

Flower Tip - instead of just adding water to the vase, place it under the faucet and let the fresh water just overflow the vase until all the old water is probably flushed out. It will last you a lot longer!