Siri Daly Q&A=Top o'list Kitchen Tips & Potluck Hit

by Cindi SutterChief Communicator & Editor of Spirited Table®

Welcome to week three of my Q&A from Time Inc. Books, Siriously Delicious written by Siri Daly. Siri shares her favorite go to kitchen tools and techniques to set you up for prepping success. Her favorite potluck dish just happens to be one that I’ve now made three times…Yes, it’s that yummy!

Cindi Sutter’s Fifth Question = What are your can’t-live-without kitchen tools, secret technique(s), and/or your fave shortcuts?

Siri Daly’s Answer = OBSESSED with my microplane, for zesting citrus or shaving Parmesan.  Even my kids know how to sprinkle fresh cheese over their pasta, makes a world of difference, I think.  I also love my immersion blender, because I'm a big fan of making homemade, creamy soups.  Using the handheld blender makes it so simple to puree in one pot.

Cindi Sutter’s Sixth Question = What is your guaranteed potluck hit?

Siri Daly’s Answer = Definitely Lucy's Sticky Ham & Cheese Sandwiches from my book.  They are an instant hit and everyone always begs me for the recipe after.  Now I can simply shout, BUY MY BOOK!

Enjoy this recipe from Siriously Delicious. I already love the Lucy's Sticky Ham & Cheese Sandwiches for a quick and yummy dinner! Kids and adults adore them…Cindi