Siri Daly Q&A-Minnesota & First Date w/Carson+Samoas

by Cindi SutterChief Communicator & Editor of Spirited Table® -

Time Inc. Books sent me Siriously Delicious, Siri Daly’s recently released cookbook to peruse, review and enjoy. Her passion and enthusiasm for food and sharing it with family and friends lit up every page with warmth and sincerity. When I discovered she was a native Minnesotan, I had to ask her publisher if I could interview her. Don’t ask, don’t get, right?

So over the next 6 Saturdays’, I will very thankfully share the twelve questions I asked; and yes, Siri kindly answered all of them. So like many of our spirited journeys, the beauty and joy around Siri’s kitchen counter below doesn’t require anything but gathering around food, drink, laughter and smiles! ENJOY!

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Cindi Sutter’s First Question = How does MN. play into your cooking? What is your favorite MN. restaurant or store?

Siri Daly’s Answer = Minnesota is full of warm, thoughtful, welcoming people...and I believe all those traits translate into the way people cook there.  Food is prepared with love, and with the hope that meals will be enjoyed and shared.  I still maintain that mentality in the kitchen.  As for my favorite restaurant or store...does the MN State Fair count??  I'm most nostalgic about a local supper club in my hometown called Jensen's.  The popovers are superb, as is the fried walleye.    

Cindi Sutter’s Second Question = What was the very first thing you cooked for Carson? How did it go?

Siri Daly’s Answer = On our first official date, he asked me to come over and bake - which I realize sounds slightly chauvinistic but I assure you, it wasn't.  He knew how much happiness being in the kitchen brought me, and he wanted to be a part of it.  However, he didn't even own a measuring cup, so off we went to Sur La Table and I basically outfitted his kitchen with all the proper equipment.  We made brownies and cookies, and he invited some friends over later to enjoy them all.  Best.  Date.  Ever.

Each week I will also share one of Siri’s recipes:

click Siri Daly’s Homemade Samoas

Stay tuned Saturday 11/24 for Question & Answers #3 & #4 plus another recipe!

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