You know you're around a Spirited Table® when there is...drama

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table®   

We’re a spooky speck + 7 days away from Halloween.

So last Thursday I decided to load up my camera equipment and head out to the MN Landscape Arboretum, to shoot some scarecrows and pumpkins. It seemed harmless enough. Well… All I can say without needing an edit button is I had no idea that it was MEA week: translate please, you ask? It’s one day set aside for a Minnesota Educators conference, so ALL the little darlings are out of school. Usually I would find this fun, but I only had an hour or so to get my photos for you.

That’s right, you guessed it. Here I am trying to click away before a kid running from Mom (a runner) ends up in my shot. Otherwise known as a “photo bomb”. Hence, why I’m writing about a lot of drama, around a lot of scarecrows, pumpkins and metaphoric tables. At least some of the dramatic darlings were in such cute costumes, I had to smile and laugh about it.

When I looked up drama today on my Visual Thinkmap Thesaurus and one of the definitions was the literary genre of works intended for the theater, I really spit my coffee out accidentally while belly laughing. Another tidbit is, a dramatic event is defined as an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional. Truly, I couldn’t have made those definitions up, even if I tried really hard. I personally wasn’t turbulent or emotional, but some of the parents, grandparents and kids could definitely have been ready for their close-ups on a dramatic stage.

Without further adieu or drama, I present a few tips for your decorations and costumes along with some ideas for your scarecrows and pumpkins. By all means if you live in MN, check out the MN Landscape Arboretum, no matter the season, as usually there is no drama, except for the beautiful majestic scenery of whatever happens to be the season. aka God’s handiwork!