You Know You're Around A Spirited Table When...there is a welcoming smile

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table® 

So…today I launch a mini-series: One entitled, You Know You're Around A Spirited Table When… Today’s translation pertains to the absolute easiest way to share that spirited mantra = SMILE. Yes, that is what I am asking you to do today, be a smile starter. I proved it with one of my 2014 posts; (yes, we’re walking down a 5 year anniversary memory lane). Here is a smile training tool for you to try: and if you’re really taking it seriously, count the smile backs! Hospitality is a State of Mind, my second mini-series to take flight today. And I’m happy to say, these same Hospitality mantras will stay front and center as the holidays hit the horizon! We will give you more tools to engage those around your holiday tables.

Ironically, I wrote the original post of You Know You're Around A Spirited Table When...around our 1st anniversary. So at least I have consistently, and hopefully without being a bully, driven this point into the proverbial table top.

Stay tuned and have a great October weekend. Those of us in MN wish our temps would go back up for at least long enough for us to bring in our outdoor tables without literally freezing. I am not joking about this at all…Good news, the leaves are still beautiful.

Those of you who receive my weekly email musings and posts already know that I just kicked off the celebration of our 5th anniversary around this very Spirited Table®! Thanks for your emails and support over the last 5 years: it truly means the world to me, and I could never have had this journey without the current Tastemakers in Residence and all those Tastemakers who graced our table for a season. Thanks for your words, wisdom and wit!

It only seems appropriate that I use these photos to represent smile hospitality and a Spirited Table®!