by Cindi SutterFounder of Spirited Table®

When I hear the word tailgating...memories from my alma mater Texas A&M, make me smile and laugh, but most of all they make me hungry! Best tailgating on the planet!

So if you're looking for a few more tailgating tips, here you go!

Tailgating Recipes from Vicki Brunsvold - Cheesy Sweet Corn Dip - Peach BBQ Sauce - Chipotle BBQ Turkey Sliders  - Baked Ziti  - Chicken Chili

Tailgating Tips from Christina on Fox  & Does Celery Count as Healthy Tailgating?  and MORE Tailgating Recipes from Christina Meyer-Jax - Skol! Blackberry St. Germaine Game Day Cocktails - Chipotle Hot and Spicy Bean Dip  - Greek Garbanzo Pitas, as seen on Fox!

An unapologetic look at The Spirit of Aggieland - by Cindi Sutter

Beverages to enjoy while tailgating - The Hollywood by Kevin Cahoon

Confessions of a (relative) Football Newbie - by Zehorit Heilicher

Boots On & Thumbs Up - by Becca Matheson

Time Saving Tailgate Playbook by Mike Moore