Asian Umbrella Florals

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

This theme can be used for a baby shower or an Asian dinner party or buffet. Choose your favorite flowers and colors to match your party table!

Ingredients & Instructions
2 tall clear glass cylinders with one flower floating at the bottom
1 larger open round glass vase with two flowers and grasses woven in at the base. Colorful stones at the bottom
1 medium round vase with colored stones at the bottom, roses gathered at the top appearing as a topiary
1 small round glass vase with a flower floating, colorful stones
Umbrellas resting on the top of cylinder vases.

Design Tips

  • Place several umbrellas down the center of the table with hanging ribbons for baby or bridal shower. As gifts and cards are opened attach each on a streamer.
  • Hang pacifier and/or baby items on ribbons coming down from one large umbrella hanging from the ceiling or patio ceiling.