Currant Scones

by Kristine Leuze, Tastemaker in Residence

York Farm here in Hutchinson, MN, is an organic fruit farm. They are experiencing one of the best crops they have ever had of currants this year. I went out on Sunday and was able to pick some for myself. When I arrived, they were busy in their summer kitchen making red currant jam. I was treated to a sample and it was delicious! 

photo by Kristine Leuze

photo by Kristine Leuze


So...I decided to make currant scones with the red currants I bought. I used Martha Stewart's recipe which calls for dried currants (almost all currant recipes call for dried). You can use fresh too, you just need to make sure you don't overwork the dough so that the juicy currants don't burst and turn the dough pink and mushy. :)

Here's the recipe link: