Cinco de grandmother's birthday

by Cindi SutterFounder of Spirited Table®

I know...I'm late getting this Cinco de Mayo list of my favorites prepared for your yummy consumption.

But you see, my grandmother's birthday was 5/5 and it's always a harder day for me than I think it should be. She was in her 80's and her life had been very full and rich. So I ask myself why the tears of joy, knowing she's in such a better place?

Duh, I miss her crazy good way of entertaining my friends and I when we were kids. She treated us like adults and loved showering her amazing floral centerpieces (which of course in the early years, I did not appreciate), not to mention if I wanted to keep the young men in my life happy, all they needed was a trip to Nano's table full of fab food. 

So on that note, here are my favorite Spirited Cinco de Mayo tips in honor of Bess Mayes Kenne better known to everyone as Nano!!

Cinco de Mayo Florals - Gerbers & Tortillas

Cinco de Mayo = Corona-rita +Cheesy, Beany Goodness

Texas Style Margaritas

Roy's Pico de Gallo 

Cinco de Mayo Table-Setting

Cinco de Mayo Color & Cakes of Husks