A Sweet Tradition

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence

Every Jewish holiday has traditional food associated with it. Most famous are Hanukah and Latkes (potato pancakes) as well as Passover and Matza. Purim, the holiday beginning on Saturday, March eleventh is not as well known, but much more fun! This is a holiday celebrated by wearing costumes, imbibing some alcohol, putting on hilarious skits – and of course – eating traditional food: Hamantaschens!

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What are they? You might ask – well, think of a triangular short bread envelope embracing a variety of sweet fillings. Apricot, date, prune and poppy seed are all traditional choices. These delicacies are tucked into “Mishloah Manot”; a care package of sorts, delivered to family members, friends, and neighbors along with additional sweets and chocolate coins – thus sharing the holiday joy. Bakeries throughout Israel and in Jewish communities struggle to keep up with demand during this time of year. Over the last few years, food bloggers have come up with unique variations: red velvet, pecan pie and of course, chocolate. Whether you celebrate this holiday for years or are new to it – try your hand at these – they’re delicious! 

Here are some of my new favorites:

  1. Marzipan Sprinkles Hamantaschens – Molly Yeh
  2. Traditional Hamantaschens – Over Time Cook
  3. Speculoos Hamantaschens – My Jewish Learning
  4. Red Velvet Hamantaschens – What Jew Wanna Eat
  5. Pecan Pie Hamantaschens – Over Time Cook

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