Traveling with Timberwolves! - Part 1

by Teri E. Popp, Tastemaker in Residence

From time to time, I travel with the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA team on away games.  It's an enjoyable time to not only see a game outside of my state, but to visit and learn about other cities in our great United States.

On my most recent trip, I visited the historic cities of Philadelphia and Washington DC.  We started our travels in Philly, the city of the Philadelphia 76's, Rocky, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Philly cheesesteaks.  

From there, we continued on to our Nation's Capitol:  Washington DC.  As I've stated in previous articles, I think one of the best ways to get an overview of a new location is a trip on a Hop On/Hop Off Bus.  Due to the size of DC and the tremendous amount of historical significance of the city, this is the least expensive and most informative way to traverse the area in my opinion.  And I always learn something new on every trip!

While I've never done this in the past, we decided to do a day tour on the Hop On/Hop Off, and then did the same bus line for a night tour of major Capitol Monuments after a quick dinner.  We ended the night tour with a stop at the spectacular Lincoln Memorial, followed by a nightcap at the W Hotel's POV bar overlooking the White House.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our trip to DC which includes a Timberwolves vs Wizards game, dinners at Piccolo and Jaleo, tours of the African American and Indian Museums and of course a tour of the Capitol!