Hearts and Flowers

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Container with wet floral foam with flower food
2 ginger (or any tall floral product)
1 pink mink protea (or any larger flower)
6 carnations (or any medium sized head flower)
4 Ti leaves (or large leaf, longer)
6 Midellino sticks (any pliable material)


  1. Place two ginger in the center of the back of the foam and the protea front to middle.            Insert one leaf in the side of the foam, lay the leaf over the foam (to cover foam) with the end coming out the side, and place the other leaf above piercing through leaf #1.
  2. Curl the two ti leaves to look like bow loops by bringing the stem through the large end of the leaf so the tips hang down.
  3. Fill in open spaces with carnations very low, add extra foliages or flowers if you like.
  4. Tie all stick ends together, insert into the protea center, bring ends around to form the heart shape.
  5. Keep full of water, tropicals require an excessive amount of water and last for a long time. Well worth the money.