AH THE HOLIDAYS! = Thriving and Surviving 

by Sue Zelickson, Tastemaker in Residence


                     AH THE HOLIDAYS !!

                Thriving and Surviving  December

               Here are a few things to remember 

          Shopping for gifts, baking holiday treats,

           (Purchase online and buy local feasts) 

           Planning the meals and that seasonal trip  

          (Use caterers and just go to see St Nick)

             Parties and family gatherings galore 

        (Arrive and Leave early and don't be a bore)

          Wining and dining sometimes three times a day

        (Watch what you eat and keep alcohol at bay) 

          Sending out cards to friends near and far

         (Omit long letters about your kid as a star)

         Remembering everyone on your holiday list too 

    (Give a gift from a non-profit for a nice thing to do.)  

         Serve a few lo-cal, vegan, gluten or sugar-free

     (To respect diverse guests whomever they be)  

         Always send thank yous' by email or letter

   (Your hosts will appreciate it and you will feel better)

                             HAPPY STRESS FREE


                                 ONE AND ALL


                                  Sue Zelickson