No-cook Holiday Cranberry Sauce

by Ross Bowen, Tastemaker in Residence

Never cook bacon naked
Never put a sharp knife in the dish basin
Never throw water on an oil fire
And never, ever serve cranberry sauce from a can

Holidays are filled with pies and cookies.  Look to work in a healthy sweet with this recipe.        You can get this made in ten minutes.  I put in as little sugar as I can, and settled on about 4 tablespoons by slowly adding and tasting.  Many of the cooked cranberry recipes I see call for 1 full cup of sugar.  This is healthier and faster.

16 oz bag of cranberries
3 large navel oranges
4 Tbsp sugar – or to taste


  1. Rinse cranberries. Cut the oranges into small pieces, no bigger than an inch square. Set up your food grinder on your standing mixer.
  2. Feed the cranberries and oranges into the grinder. Done correctly, the mixer can take care of this in just a few minutes. Attach the grinder attachment to the port at the front of the mixer.  If you are using the Kitchenaid product (shown) choose the coarse grinding plate cutting disk.  Don’t forget to put the cross-shaped knife under plate like I did.
  3. Add sugar to taste.

Cook's Note - I know you have a stand mixer.  If you don’t have a food grinder, I just gave you a shopping opportunity.  Note to BBQ enthusiasts – stay tuned, for we will use the grinder to make homemade sausages in a later blog.