Countdown = 12 Days till Christmas

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table®

Running short on time vs tasks? Me too. So let's tackle them in order. Prioritize this Advent season in your own special way and share it with me!

Day 12Why Traditions's the glue that holds us together. 

Day 11Christmas Hit Parade #1  &  Christmas Card Cheer helps you untangle the lights and prioritize! Play Christmas music, it actually makes you calmer!

Day 10Plan for Santa Time If the gifts aren't wrapped, use bags or even easier, find some giant ribbon, tie them up and drop them in Santa's sack! DONE! 

Day 9 = Recipe planning

  1. Mexican Christmas Eve = Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, Cindi's Guacamole, Roy's Pico de Gallo - DONE! Yes, of course you can add your fav rice and beans...but only if there's time. 
  2. Christmas Day = Christmas Salad  Jared Allen's Elk Wellington (works for beef too!) - Chocolate Covered Clementines (all 3 ingredients are in the title)!
    1. Try our triple crown of holiday stuffings; Cindi's Turkey Dressing Bacon & Jalapeño Stuffing  - Cider, bacon & golden raising stuffing
    2. Cindi's Chocolate Nuggets - Warm Ginger Molasses Skillet Cake from Soby's New South Cuisine

Day 8 = Plan Wine, Beer, Cocktails with Tis the Season for Beer - Champagne Etiquette & The Best Champagnes under $15 that aren't Andre' & Thanksgiving Wine Tips (Christmas too!) Cocktails = Rosy Pomegranate Mojito - The Basil Bulleit - Key Lime Martini 

Day 7 = The Gifts of Advent  - 11 Mini Tips to Thrive, not just Survive "The Season!"

Day 6 = Gingerbread House Party or a Dessert Party at home with close family & friends

Day 5 = The God/Man in the Manger includes Powerful Prayers by Larry King - No Need to Break With Traditions When You Can Bend Them and more!!!!

Day 4 = A Cup of Christmas Tea and take five...around the tree....YES! I mean it!!!!

Day 3 = A Simple Search For a Nativity 

Day 2 = If it's not in the plan, don't worry about it...enjoy your family traditions and if you come up with a great new one, share it with me...PLEASE!!

Day 1 = Happy Birthday Jesus! It all began in Bethlehem. If you have a favorite Christmas book, let me know, so I can post it!

Get the kids and grandkids involved; setting the table, pouring the water, licking the spoons! You really can't do it all, so delegate. It took me a while to realize that it's more fun if I get out of the way and enable everyone to pitch-in! It's also more fun if you have snow, to sneak out and go sledding or skating with the kids; they'll remember that long after the last slice of turkey is gone. 

Merry Christmas from my house to yours...God bless you every one.