Pop-up a White Christmas Party

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table®

If this finds you in a warm climate, you’re probably asking me, really, the only thing white about today is the Clorox I just used or the egg I just cooked. I know, I grew up in such a predicament as well. But, I’ve experienced two all white parties in my life, so with that in mind, here’s your template for Popping up a White Christmas Party! 

I'll tempt your palette first with these white food ideas below from our Hazeltine White Party, as well as three currently trending a recipes from Valerie Bertinelli's cookbook Valerie's HOME COOKING, Key Lime Martini,  Steamed Clams with Spicy Garlic Bread - Lemon-Raspberry Pan Cotta, all dressed up in white!

Tips for White Party Success!

  1. Easy Invites - Use your favorite paperlesspost, and make it white. Or use white paper and white envelopes and make it bright with a silver pen. 
  2. Ask your guests to wear all white.
  3. If you have the space, buy a small (a tabletop size is perfect) Christmas Tree and flock it white-see Holiday Christmas Tree Style. Put some white chocolate in a clear cellophane bag and tie it with silver ribbon, for their small but elegant take home gift. You can use this as your centerpiece too!
  4. Or if you've discovered the fun in creating your own flower arrangements, find a white or clear vase (you can use any glass container), go to Trader Joe’s or your favorite place to find flowers and buy white flowers and a few greens and put them in a vase. If you have time for some flower tips see Ardith’s 12 Flower Designs in one Vase and just make it all white with a splash of greens. 
  5. Greet them at the door with Neal Kielar’s recipe for Tom & Jerry: A Harmonious Holiday Treat
  6. If you have them, use white plates and napkins or a white, silver or gold tablecloth
  7. If you’re already dreaming of summer again, here’s my first white pop-up party and the table our team created! We each had an assignment; food, flowers, plates, tableware, wine, beer, you get the idea and you could share the party with some friends, and that always makes it a lot easier to pull together. 
  8. You guessed it… serve white wine or champagne and find Lisa’s Best Champagnes under $15 that aren’t Andre’
  9. The summer before the Ryder Cup season of craziness, we had a White Party at Hazeltine.  Chef and team created all white food, that was absolutely spectacular. I don’t have his recipes, but I do have an exact description. 
    1. The appetizer was a blonde frisée & endive salad, with pears, bleu cheese, almonds and white balsamic vinegar. 
    2. Butter-poached Halibut are placed on a bed of white asparagus, whipped potatoes in a light Clam Cream Sauce. 
    3. Dessert was a white coconut cake, with white icing topped with coconut. 
    4. See photos below. 
  10. Give your guests their white chocolate in cellophane to take home, then put up your feet and relax! 
  11. Next summer, find a white pop-up event near you! Diner En Blanc 2017: How to Participate in The Most Secret and Chic Dinner in White or find one in your own community like this one in Minneapolis!

Photos of my first white pop-up party in Minneapolis, a table top tip in silver and white and 2 of the white dinner courses at Hazeltine.