by Lisa Elbert, Tastemaker in Residence - @4lease

The year is almost over, and that in itself is cause for celebration. It’s been a rough year for all of us, some more than others (RIP Harambe), and it's high time to drink up and let go. Whether you're ringing in the new year, drinking to make sense of Brexit, or toasting to Hillary in the woods, the correct way to do so is with bubbles. This holiday season, I'm gifting you with the best sparkling wines -- yeah, we call them "Champagnes," but technically they're not from the right region -- for under $15 (in my all-knowing, discount-loving opinion). Take heed and stock up -- bubbles are in demand and holiday markdowns are a beautiful thing. Retail competition is fierce in December, prices are slashed to attract the cut-rate-hopeful shopping masses, and they're even deeper when you buy by the case. Get into the holiday spirit and fill your glass with these bargain bubbles, because next year is going to be better… probably. 

Freixenet "Carta Nevada" brut cava, Catalonia, Spain

Price: $9.99
You've had the Freixenet brut cava from the matte black bottle -- aka "Black Bottle Bubbly." Try something new at the exact same price, because in life, in general, it's important to try new things (says the girl who eats a PB&J for lunch every single day… and sometimes for dinner). 

Garrubba "Incanto Rosa" rosé, Calabria, Italy

Price: $6.99
Pink prosecco, kind of. Great with cheese balls

Boyer Blanc de Blancs, France

Price: $11.95
It's from France. It's made in méthode champenoise (the labor-intensive process used in making Champagne, where secondary fermentation happens inside the bottle and thus creates bubbles), from one of the three grapes allowed in Champagne. And it's easily, often mistaken for Champagne. If you're only going to buy one case, this is it. 

Loosen Bros. "Dr. L" sparkling riesling, Mosel, Germany

Price: $13.99
I'd venture to say you've likely never had sparkling riesling, and you're definitely missing out. Riesling haters, don't knock it 'til you try it. (Also, this is another one of those "it's good to try new things" things.) 

Domaine Ste. Michelle "Michelle Brut," Washington, USA

Price: $13.99
Another one of those bottles that's produced like Champagne, but without the high price tag. It's delicate, crisp, and goes exceptionally well with French fries -- what else matters, really? Really. 

Lamberti Prosecco, Veneto, Italy

Price: $13.99
This bottle has a special place in my cold heart; it was a house pour at the restaurant that sparked my studying of wine. Without Lamberti, would you even be reading this right now? It's light and gulpable -- a great to start your night, or your day (not that I drink in the morning… often). 

Domaine Chandon "Limited Edition" Blanc de Noirs, California, USA

Price: $14.95
By "limited edition," they mean "for a limited time only, it's under $20." Plus, it's more than just wine, it's a party trick! Different bottles have different messages, and you have my full permission to go out and purchase them all, you know, just to see what they say. 

Gruet Brut, New Mexico, USA

Price: $14.99
It's also made in méthode champenoise, which means that even though it's not technically Champagne, it's made in the same style, and your friends will be none the wiser. And they'll think you're rich enough to buy Champagne, so there's that. 

Coppola "Sofia 4-Pack Mini" Blanc de Blancs, California, USA

Price: $14.99
If you didn't know, Francis Ford Coppola makes wine. Good wine. Sometimes, it comes in adorable pink cans, with straws. It's great to drink on the go, but also, on your couch. 

Lini 910 "Labrusca" lambrusco rosso, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Price: $14.99
It's red, it's sparkling, what more could you possibly want? Honestly. Plus, you get to impress your pals with a wine they (probably) haven't heard of, but are (probably) going to love. 

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Lisa Elbert is an associate staff writer for Thrillist who recently found out her blood type is Champagne. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.