Seasons of Sassy Style

by Cindi SutterFounder, Chief Communicator & Editor of Spirited Table®

November kicks off a series of holidays that long for artfully imagined, magically fun, or in this case, wonderfully weird mixtures and patterns for your spirited table settings. Take a seat and enjoy a few of my favorite tables, past and present. 

Some of you are thinking…what’s up with the straw man and woman? Well, for starters during the photo shoot they never talked back and I could literally twists their arms so they would sit still…need I say more? I digressed. 

Year after year as you gather with friends and family what's the one question that's consistently ask? What can I bring? Instead of wine, beer, or nothing, give them an answer they’re not expecting…something fun for my table. 

Long ago my friends and family figured out that I love anything that adds a kick of spice to the tabletop. Instead of food, they’ve shown up with fall potpourri, that is sprinkled on the table above, napkin rings (above), candles, and even the funky jug also seen above. 

So when your guests ask what they can bring, surprise them with your version of a table request that enables them to use their imagination and just possibly find some treasures in the most unlikely of places. Let’s call it a tester table. You just might be shocked at the kaleidoscope of spirited choices that emerge. 

I know what you’re thinking, so and so won't do it. My answer is wine always works. Have fun with it and share your tips with me at

See more of my fall inspired table-scapes from the past below.