12 Flower Designs in one Vase

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Fresh Floral Foam
Clear, metallic or ceramic container with large opening at the top
Fresh flowers - lilies, roses, large chrysanthemums; variegated pittosporum, and seeded eucalyptus
Amaranths and grasses or other “hanging” greens
Berried branches
(See additional options below)


  1. Place a wreath with wet fresh foam fitted on the top of a container, clear, metallic, ceramic; secure with floral tape
  2. Insert the largest flowers first, here the lilies, roses and large chrysanthemums
  3. Add hanging amaranths and grasses
  4. Add mixture of foliages, variegated pittosporum, and seeded eucalyptus 
  5. Add medium size flowers spray chrysanthemums a variety of colors, hypericum
  6. Lay berried branches across the top with an organic impact to enhance the mood

Other optional tips

  • Place berried branches in the container
  • Add colors marbles, stones, corn, and cranberries in the base of the vase
  • Place a candle on top
  • Fill half the container with water and float a candle
  • Place candles in the foam first before the flowers (great way to create an upscale Advent Wreath)
  • Make another wreath to set the container inside of
  • Create 2,3 or 4 smaller versions of above to place in the center of a long table; in a line with candles between, or a circle in the center of a round table with candles in the center.
  • For a trans-seasonal design, add fresh or permanent botanical fruit, for a Williamsburg, Del Robbia influence
  • Change the interior of the vase to match your event
  • Crinkle up cellophane, add water to the vase to resemble ice
  • Artificial snow in the bottom of the vase with a small fresh or permanent botanical Christmas tree or winter scene
  • Water beads are a smash for the season, creative, unique, and colorful