Bourbon Meyer Buckeye Stout

by Marty Nopper, Tastemaker in Residence

Folks, this is the second installment of my haphazard and sometimes misguided while slightly buzzed beer blog. Hope it's better than the last! 

Today, I am in Columbus, Ohio (yes, Julie, OH-IO)'s gets better, trust me. I'm at Barleys Brewing in the North Market section of downtown and is one of the last employers of the Real Ale technique in the country, today, especially in the USA, only a few brewpubs are keeping the ancient tradition of brewing real ale alive. It has even been said that there is now more real ale being served in the United States than in Britain. Barleys is proud to be one of those brewpubs. Preserving tradition, lads…

As 2 of you may recall, I sampled a peanut butter Porter last week in Richmond, VA., that is one of my faves...well, tonight's cup of Gods grain is on par but is a very unique Imperial Bourbon stout aged in bourbon barrels (can you put enuff YUMMMMMMS here?). It's typically a long winter offering (like Ohio State football) but due to its popularity, it's served most of the year. Pours nearly black in color with a huge foamy tan brown layer on top. It encompasses scents of sweet malts and peanut butter goodness and a pleasing nose (don't worry, probably won't ever use that term again!). Although delivering a sweet, sticky malt flavoring, there is some chocolate present in the background. Possesses a touch of Urban, err bourbon, but a little usually ends up in a winning formula...The peanut butter and buckeye flavors seem to mask it, like the Ohio State defense, or possibly the bourbon flavor is subdued to begin with (Like Florida or Alabama offenses)...Anyone ever eaten a treat called a 'buckeye'? This taste just like it... anyway, at this point, you're probably saying, 'Marty, I have to have it... what the hell is it called?!?  As you may have guessed, especially SEC fans, it's Bourbon Meyer Buckeye Stout...bam!  

The flavorings pair beautifully together and one doesn't overwhelm the next, one of my least favorite features about flavored malted beverages. Barleys Brewing on N. High Street in Columbus, is in the North Market section of the city and very close to the Convention Center.  It's more of a restaurant feel but it’s definitely a brewery, as it has a changing suds schedule almost monthly. Although I didn't try the fare, the smells coming out of the kitchen were intoxicating by my 3rd quaff. A must try when in Urbans Lair. Let's all toast this fine American product which espouses goodness, a desire to be the top dog and a wonderful heritage of winning and ‘taste’, year after year (esp 2015) for people everywhere!

While my sister is still dog cussing Mr. Meyers name, success and pedigree, let me turn you on to some alcoholic education (sounds weird)... according to Wiki, 'a Stout is a dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. Stouts were traditionally the generic term for the strongest or stoutest porters, typically 7% or 8%, produced by a brewery.' 

I kan assure yo&u that statement is truw.  Place is prettty packed now four a Wedndsday evening amd it's about time four my Lyft home.  

Bottoms up!