Happy 4th Anniversary to Spirited Table® from Ardith!

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


An anniversary is a date when you remember something special that happened on that date in an earlier year. October is our month to celebrate our 4th Spirited Table® anniversary!

Cindi and I meet when she was the chair person for Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. We stayed in touch, often sharing time and ideas that revolved around our mutual love of flowers and the designs they inspire us to create.  

Cindi contacted me a bit over 4 years ago with her concept of creating a website that inspirits new celebrations of cherished traditions. I immediately saw what this amazing idea was developing into and have been honored to be one of the Spirited Table® Tastemakers in Residence since the beginning. 

Being involved with Cindi and the other Spirited Table® Tastemakers has inspired me as a floral designer, a teacher at The Institute of Floristry and a devoted follower. I’m encouraged to create floral designs that take both myself and our readers beyond our current skill levels; we are able to see an idea, read the instructions then create our version, sometimes similar, sometimes not, while applying our own spirit of creativity. This very Spirited Table® has no limits on the philosophy or the creative options that each post inspires. 

Thank you for my adventure with Spirited Table® over the past 4 years and cheers to a future full of many creative lifestyle celebrations.