Corn Graze

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence



A low and long design container with wet foam for longer lasting—dry Styrofoam for shorter life

4 pieces of Corn with the husks
4 stems of Craspedia (or rounded flower of your choosing)
Fresh flowers and foliages to enhance your table-scape


  1. Take corn and pull husks down around the base
  2. Insert corn deep into the foam, three on the top, and one on each side 
  3. Place a small craspedia blossom glued on to the top of each corn cob
  4. Place corn stalks and parts of it on the table, creating an interesting, natural base and a quick centerpiece for Autumn.
  5. You may later grill and eat the corn!

Floral Design Tips

This time of the year there are gourds, pumpkins, all sorts of fun vegetable shapes. Use some fresh and find some realistic permanent botanicals to keep around all of the time. They are everlasting and so organic in appearance