Happy 4th Anniversary to Cindi Sutter and our Spirited Table Team

by Sue Zelickson, Tastemaker in Residence

If you count the incubation period of the development of Cindi's dream to see this concept on multiple platforms, it is more like the 8th or 10th anniversary. 

However, speaking for her friends and the evolutional partners involved in the birthing of this endeavor, I am sure you will join me in congratulating our stalwart leader's perseverance through all the many trials and tribulations that she has weathered to make this dream come true. Her delightful and lively spirit created this very Spirited Table and has nurtured its place in the hearts and minds of all who write and all who read the many inspirational and creative pieces.

If you think a bit more spiritedly about lifestyle celebrations, travel tips, or a pop of new decor; or maybe you set a table with a bit more flair, make your holidays more festive, share an new idea, or cooked a new dish, you've caught the spirit of our special table that for four years has popped up on your computers in some size, shape or form.

Thanks to Cindi and to all who have made our tables more spirited and thoughtful.

❤️🎉💋  Sue Zelickson