Italian meets English Trifle-ish

by Cindi SutterFounder of Spirited Table®

My grandmother's English Trifle recipe has to stay in the secret category for a bit longer, but until then Rigoni Di Asiago has provided a perfect pairing to add to this tasty dessert. Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread for the chocolate addition to my trifle-ish topped with Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread Strawberry

1 Angel food Cake
1 jar Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread Strawberry
1 jar Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread
Vanilla pudding (Jello) or your favorite homemade
Trentadue Viognier Port (or favorite liquer)


  1. With a bread knife, slice 2 thick pieces of angel food cake; for each serving
  2. Spread an ample portion of the dark chocolate spread on one piece and an ample portion of the Strawberry fruit spread on the other piece. 
  3. Add a dollop of vanilla pudding on one side and place the other piece on top, with the topping side down. (see image). Place on your plate or serving platter, depending on your quantity.
  4. Drizzle you favorite Viognier Port or liquer on top…or not. 

VOILA! My new version of an Italian meets English Trifle-ish