A Super Bowl can be a Bowl of Super Foods and Super Ideas

by Sue Zelickson, Tastemaker in Residence

So many ways to celebrate the Big Game of the year.
You can spurge and attend in person, although in 2018 if you live in Minnesota there will be no airfare or hotel expenses. Just the big ticket. 

Or you can throw or attend a party. 

Or you can grab a bowl of your favorite popcorn, a bottle or can of your favorite growler of beer, pick your chosen chair or couch and watch the game from the best seat in your house.  

Or you can throw a party. Spirited Table has bowls of recipes for Buddha bowlssuper soups, chili for the biggest game, pasta salads, (especially the new healthy ones), along with trays of local cheeses and a variety of sausages or footlong hotdogs with all the trimmings; or maybe those baby ones in a chafing dish. Then add plenty of things to drink and sweets for dessert.

There's still time to serve Eleni's fabulous cookies!

Or you can use this easy way is to showcase your guests favorite football foods for a pot luck by spreading it out on a grass green table cloth; or pick up some fake turf instead. Or better yet, if you’re in a warm climate place a big screen TV outside and watch from the real grass in your favorite lawn chair. 

There are plenty of themed football bowls and platters to display the foods your guests provide. So try not to leave the Pyrex or Rubbermaid totes on the buffet tables. Most parties of old use to be in the basement recreation rooms; but today the huge screen TV has often taken over the family room, which has been transformed into a beautiful environment. Plus the cushy sofas and chairs are a huge upgrade from the hard card table chairs of yesteryear.

If you’re in a warmer climate you may want to recreate the tailgate experience in the driveway, especially for the food portion of the party. Then head into either the garage, with power plugs for portable TVs’ or into the house for the game. Always keep the football theme in place with whatever you serve, wherever you sit and wherever your ideas take you. 

Your spirited party planning will ensure that your home, food and game experiences are filled with friendly fun and memorable experiences for all involved…and may the best team win...