Congratulations! Mother & Baby Floral Tips

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


2 vases, 1 larger, 1 smaller
3 stems Thistle
3 stems Daisy Spray Chrysanthemums
6 stems Anemone
4 stems Nigella 

Instructions - Use the flowers above or any flowers that match the Mom's favorite colors or are boy/girl appropriate. 

Everyone's excited and the baby has finally arrived! So join in the celebration, by sending flowers. 
Flowers for a baby gift = great idea; colorful, fragrant, and the perfect way to show your joy. Don’t forget the flowers or corsage for the new mother, table top arrangements and hostess gifts. 

Who buys gifts for that new baby? The research from several sites, reveals the combined answer includes these variables:

  • It's one of five top gift giving occasions
  • Grandparents, God Parents, close family and friends
  • Average $100.00 spending per occasion
  • Shoppers 23-36 years old
  • Those in the prime age for childbearing
  • Social circle include similar aged couples 
  • Those with children are more likely to buy baby gifts
  • Business associates
  • Co-workers

Purchasing flowers for the new family is a meaningful experience. It enhances emotional connections, creates new relationships and strengthens old ones. Your florist will offer you a variety of choices in a variety of prices. 

Whether it’s the first or tenth baby in the family discuss the details; Where do the parents live? Do they live in a starter apartment or a larger home? The florist will answer any questions you come up with. It is like buying a new car, you don’t do it that often, and you need direction from a professional.      

Choose extras for memorabilia and by all means don't forget to bring any custom items that you want incorporated into your arrangement like:

  • Novelty girl/boy or colorful container with plants
  • Novelty girl/boy container with fresh flowers
  • Wall design for baby’s room or door

Incorporate a keepsake basket with an embroidered liner or container that's perfect for holding all the many components of this gift or for general storage. You can add a special gift, like baby’s first book, photo frame, clothing or toys to place in a design or gift basket with flowers. Don’t forget the new mom! 

Another great idea is a gift certificate for a fresh flower delivery each week. Your local florist adds many components to create this gift and will walk you through the process.

If you're unable to be there in person to celebrate the arrival of the new family member, congratulate the beaming new parents with the delivery of a beautiful flower and gift basket. Your florist should be able to deliver your chosen design within one day. 

Many parents are waiting until the baby is born to find out if it is a boy or girl. Call your local florist, give them the grandparents, Godparents special aunties and uncles’ address, all of the information about delivery. Provide other information for them; balloons, plants, or your special message. Someone can call or text the shop, tell them the sex and name of the baby and an arrangement with a brightly colored floral design can quickly be custom made from you to give them in the announcement colors. It’s on it’s way, just that fast anywhere in the world. Now that is special.                  

These are the times of our lives, celebrate with flowers!