How Do I Know My Design Style?

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

We begin to develop personal style in early childhood. As soon as we start showing other signs of individuality, we demonstrate preferences for particular colors, patterns and design styles and flowers. Give yourself some room to engage with those natural affinities, and your style will further evolve. Have confidence in your abilities; after all since the moment you began dressing yourself you also began to develop a sense of style and color that is your foundation. You have already mastered the basics.

Don’t worry if you are already past the point of really being aware of when you first set out to identify your sense of style; just start where you are.

Set the stage for success, look in your closet at the colors you like to wear, do you like glitter, casual or dressy clothes, or both? You do have a preference for one. What is your favorite color? Look around your house, what are the colors and style of your bedroom, what helps you feel peaceful? Is your kitchen painted with energetic colors and country decorative accents, or a more industrial feel? Take time to look around your world and make note, your style is in front of you, you will learn how to identify it. 

As you grow more aware of how colors play off each other, you will begin to see colors and the values and placement of each. Recognize the successes that you have accomplished without even knowing it. For lessons that last, integrate fashion advice with other learning. Do you buy clothing on trend or for comfort? Have you learned how to accentuate your assets? Now use that knowledge to set a stage that enables you to identify and build upon that information for your floral design style.

For occasions when you have something in mind for your dining room table your florist will present a few acceptable options within your style, budget and color range. You should make the final choice, but they will work with you so you feel confident with your decisions and why you made that choice.

Get a feel for current styles. Tear out a few magazine pages, catalogs or go to websites for ideas and trends; share the designs you love with your florist. Sit down one-on-one, so there’s a sharing of options. See what you’re drawn to. You may discover that you have a penchant for ‘80s punk, or that your fashion muse is Grace Kelly or Madonna. 

Ask your florist about the newest options in design and flowers. Learning about trends is a fun way to explore the boundaries of personal style. If you don’t have a strong sense of preference yet, just being aware of what's in fashion may help you feel more comfortable as you choose whether to blend in or stand out.

Either way your local florist will ask all of the right questions, talk with you about size, color, style, and theme. The more you create with a professional the more confident you become in your own choices; learning is fun and the choices will change and evolve throughout your life.

Here are a few arrangements designed by by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®.