Gift of the Moments

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

Moments are defined by Webster (simple definition) as

  • a very short period of time
  • a particular time : a precise point in time
  • the present time

I began this Spirited Table journey with the idea of celebrating every lifestyle celebration, moment by moment, including every sad and glad moment and every part of God's creation; all the while embracing what makes us different and giving a big bear hug to what brings us together...the present time!

So yes, moments are a gift to yourself, and to those around you. Don't squander them, or put them off or ruin them with wasteful worry. I enjoy the process of creating them, experiencing them, and even cleaning up after they're over. 

So today's mid-week encouragement = Give the gift of moments with all your heart. 

Yes, even the moments you view from afar, like grandkids at the home of the Hobbits!