Back to School Floral Tips

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

When I think of Back to School floral design, I think of pencils, pretty colored pens and paper, colored chalk and apples. 

Recently in the Floral Management magazine, a publication of Society of American Florists, my eyes were opened to a variety of age groups that are interested in plants and flowers and what’s seasonally available to them. 

Mom may have always used plants as both indoor and outdoor decor; but you can have a smaller version in your dorm room or apartment to add beauty, clean air and to remind you of home. 

Teachers are preparing their offices and classrooms for fall and there is nothing better than lovely fresh plants and fresh flowers to brighten things up. 

There are containers perfect for small spaces, to hang from the ceiling or possibly a bed frame. 

Multiple vases secured on a base can have multiple uses; storage for your tooth brush, flowers, pens/pencils, makeup brushes, or keepsake items. 

Magnetized plants can be placed anywhere with tillandsia air plants; for busy students they provide great decor with very low maintenance. Green plants and orchids are available in a miniature size, as well.