Sacred. Soul. Sacrum.

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table® 

Two of my favorite daily emails come from & & today soul meets spirit for my take on the heart of the sacred, sacrum & soul.

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On this particular Monday I was doing a study that was focused on Heart and Soul by Priscilla Shirer. Her definition of Soul=allows you to relate to yourself; it includes four very valuable components. 

  • Mind (your thoughts)
  • Will (your ambition)
  • Emotion (your feelings)
  • Conscience (your moral compass

If the heart is the centerpiece of the soul, it's interesting to think about what the Greeks thought about the location of the soul. 

SACRED = O My Soul Word of the Day: from

The resemblance to sacred in this word for the bone that connects the spine to the pelvis is not accidental: it was believed by certain Greeks with naming rights that the soul resided in this spot: they called the bone hieron osteon. It became os sacrum in Latin, a compound from which we've dropped the first part.

So if we get to the bones of the issue, what's sacred to you? 

Screenshot 2 pages of by Cindi Sutter

Screenshot 2 pages of by Cindi Sutter