Summer Table Top Tips

by Lydie Stassart, Tastemaker in Residence

Today's summer table top tips help you choose a tablecloth and name card holder for all occasions. Create both simple and profound ways to put your guests' name in front of the chair you would like them to sit in by spicing up their spot with a pop of coral, florals, sea shells, and more! Yes, it can really be that simple, or not. 

Tablecloth-The choice of tablecloth will vary according to the event and the place. For more on the tablecloth please see Art of the Tablecloth.

Place Cards - excerpt from The Art of Hosting and Decorating

Place cards are used for a dinner of eight guests or more. They should be hand written and placed in front of each guest. They can also be secured in decorative place card holders or displayed in small picture frames. Here too, be creative and seasonal. Around the holidays, display the card in a pine cone or a Christmas ornament. In summertime, use seashells or small corals.

The most powerful punch you can add to any party are the people around your table.