Tucking Into Tacos

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence

There are two words that can put the fear into any parent’s heart: Dinner Time! So, how to provide a quick and healthy meal for yourself and loved ones? Fish tacos to the rescue! One of our family’s absolute favorites!!

The advantages of selecting fish as your entrée are numerous: a healthy choice that is inexpensive and easily available. What’s more – it cooks in a flash!

Here are a few Taco Tips: make sure your fish is refrigerated and ready to be cooked (thawed overnight in fridge if it was frozen). My favorite choice for these tacos is tilapia or cod, though salmon works well too. Purchase your favorite salsa and tortillas, shredded cheese, hot sauce; avocados and limes as accompaniments and some light sour cream as a cooling factor, if you wish. Set some rice to cook while you put together the ingredients and heat your oven to broil. Season your fish with a little cumin, garlic and chili or a Mexican spice blend, if you have any and then sprinkle with some salt and pepper. Broil the fish (or grill it) for about 15 minutes and use that time to slice some limes, as well as peel, slice and season the avocados. If you wish - add a side salad with a southwestern flare to complete the meal too. Set your table and by the time you are done with all these steps - your fish and rice are ready and it’s time to eat! 
Fresh healthy and delicious!