Lollipop Day

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

Happy National Lollipop Day to you, a few days early; but at the risk of seeming like a sugarholic, I just had to shine a spirited spotlight on Mexican lollipops. In the image above your choices include, Elotes-Lollipops with Chili, Rebanadas Sandia-Watermelon Lollipops with Chili, Cucharazo-Tamarind Spoon, Mango-Lollipops with Chili and my personal favorite (in separate image above), Semaforo-Lollipops-what I would call your old-fashioned tasting lollipop!

In addition to the Mexican fiesta of choices above, two of our Tastemakers in Residence share their inspired versions of this classic way to celebrate candy, without downing a whole cup of sugar!

Check out Ardith Beveridge's Lollipop floral recipe for a great centerpiece under, Celebrate the Lollipop. And your Lollipop moments wouldn't be complete without trying Sue Zelickson's recipe for homemade lollipops; Great Spirit from Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows

So try these recipes and add your most creative and sweet tooth favorites; please share them with me at