Teri's Travels Bequia-Part 4

by Teri E. Popp, Tastemaker in Residence

As we end our time in Bequia, relaxing experiences filled our time; like snorkeling, a casual lunch and spending time with Claude Victorine, a 90 year old local artist.  

We would have liked to have gone to Tobago Cay for snorkeling; however, since we went to Bequia the last week of tourist season (it ends on April 30th), we weren't able to locate a boat to do so.  Instead, we made due with snorkeling wading in from the beach (once on Crescent Beach and once on Friendship Bay).  Since we chose a very windy day to snorkel Crescent Beach, that experience was the more disappointing of the two endeavors.  But Friendship Bay turned out to be a treasure with thousands of fish, turtles, eels and various corals easily accessible within a short swim.  If you plan to do this, ask where the best spots are for snorkeling at Dive Bequia before you head out (this is also where we rented equipment).

A special treat included a visit to Claude Victorine's art studio located at the very end of the road in Lower Bay.  Viewable only by appointment, Claude (pronounced Clo) is a lovely 90 year old silk artist who does beautiful work!  The owner of Seacliff, Kerry, recommended this visit and we were so glad we went!!  Claude is an absolute treasure and a visit to her studio is not to be missed when touring Bequia.

We ended our stay the last night with a trip to the top of the hill near Seacliff.  There is a lovely park situated at the top with scenic vistas overlooking St. Vincent in the distance.  We enjoyed the sunset while sipping a bottle of wine we took along for the occasion!