Teri's Travels-Bequia Part 3

by Teri E. Popp, Tastemaker in Residence

Less than 5,000 people reside in Bequia, leading a casual observer to think there may not be much to do on the island; however, we found many things to occupy each and every hour of our 10 day stay! First, as with most vacations, our days revolved around eating lunch and dinner. We did eat breakfast at the house every day and two dinners there, as well; but the majority of meals we enjoyed eating out at the many fine restaurants on the island.

Favorite locations included: L'Auberge Des Grenadines (a spectacular gourmet French restaurant owned by the husband and wife team of Jacques and Eileen Thevenot-Chef Eileen's cuisine is unparalleled); Sugar Reef (lovely food served at this beautiful boutique hotel restaurant located on spectacular Crescent Beach on Industry Bay); Fernando's (affectionately called Nando's by regulars, it holds a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor for its exceptional Caribbean food and quaint atmosphere); and the Firefly Plantation (serving a different menu daily featuring vegetables and fruits grown on the property).

But there was much to do that didn't involve eating, too!  We made a day trip by ferry to the island of St. Vincent, located 9 miles to the north of Bequia (it's about a 45 minute ride with ferries running back and forth between the islands every day). On St. Vincent, we toured the wonderful botanical delights and flowers found at Montreal Gardens and visited Fort Charlotte, a former fort later used as a women's prison.

Join me in a couple of weeks for the last part of our trip to Bequia.