Ice Cream Pie

by Mimi & Vera LevinTastemakers in Residence - for more Ice Cream recipes

1 gallon vanilla ice cream (we like Haagen Dazs vanilla bean)
3 sleeves Nabisco famous chocolate wafers
1 stick butter
1 jar hot fudge
1 pint strawberries
Whipped cream 


  1. Leave ice cream on counter to soften
  2. Melt butter
  3. Blend Nabisco famous chocolate wafers in food processer until fine
  4. Mix butter and wafers in mixing bowl
  5. Firmly press butter and wafer mix into the bottom and up the sides of a 9 inch pie pan
  6. Add ice cream and smooth into pan
  7. Spread hot fudge sauce on top of ice cream
  8. Freeze overnight
  9.  Serve with fresh strawberries and whipped cream