Up your entertainment game plan with restyled salvage

by Neal Kielar, Tastemaker in Residence

Furnishing your home often pits function against form. You need furniture that's practical and gets the job done, but you really want to do it with style. Upcycled book bindery carts check both boxes with the bonus of each one being unique. 

Photo by Neal Kielar

Photo by Neal Kielar

Originally build to haul mountains of heavy paper around book binderies, they're made of steel with fat slabs of old wood for shelves and chunky industrial-cool wheels. There's no question whether they can handle your most demanding household needs.

These carts are also portable multi-taskers:

  • In the kitchen, they're great for storing pots and pans, plus all your other food prep gear
  • For dinner parties, they make great sideboards/servers
  • Drinks before or after the meal? Here's a bar cart with serious capacity
  • House your stereo system on these, plus an armload of LPs for an unusual entertainment center
  • You can even add a crossbar, remove a lower shelf and hang your party clothes

These units were repurposed by Minneapolis-based Ferrous Furnishings and are available MidModMen+friends , 2401 University Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55114.