A Season to Savor

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of The Spirited Table®

Passover serves up an eight day festival of the Israelites emancipation from slavery in Ancient Egypt. I believe Passover lays out the blueprints for freedom and solidarity behind a real leader (Moses) and the dramatic and miraculous ways God chose to save His people. 

Traditions and rituals spill over the wine glasses of the Passover table; so this week make one less Instagram post and let Zehorit Heilicher’s unique military and Hebrew perspective reveal the back stories behind these 2,000 year old Hebrew traditions; Recipes included!

Very Religious Doesn’t Mean Very Uptight

Not A Holiday You Pass Over

Passover Seder

A Civilian’s Army-Military Holidays in Israel

Eve of Search of Chametz

Passover Recipes

Great Aunt Georgie’s Passover Popovers

Fresh Horseradish Sauce

Caramel Matzo Crunch