7 Course Small Plate Sutter Sunday Supper

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of The Spirited Table®

Easter vacation with kids and grandkids is always extra fun; especially when the youngest of the group decided they wanted to plan and prepare an encore to another 7 course small plate meal.

And so it began...the meal planning...the grocery buying...my imploded dessert...the grandkids outdoing the adults. It was the perfect ending to our vacation. 

It began with Leland and Ayla debating the courses and choosing the recipes. Menu please. 

Course #1 - prepared by Ayla Sutter = Caprese Salad 

Course #2 - prepared by Ayla Sutter = Pan-fried Potsticker - Recipe by Spirited Table® Tastemaker in Residence-Katie Chin 

Course #3 - prepared by Andi Sutter = Asparagus Quiche in Hash Brown Crust - Recipe courtesy of epicurious.com

Course #4 prepared by Leland Sutter = Teriyaki Steak Bites with Bacon on the Side - Recipe by Leland Sutter

Course #5 - prepared by Leland Sutter = Sparkling Blood Orange - Recipe by Leland Sutter

Course #6 - Prepared by Bob & Cindi Sutter = One-Dish Salmon - Recipe by Christina Meyer-Jax MS, RD, Spirited Table® Tastemaker in Residence

Course #7 Prepared by Cindi Sutter = Caramel Brownies - Recipe by Vicki Brunsvold, Spirited Table® Tastemaker in Residence

And yes...fun, food, family and super full was the order of the evening. Try it with your family and share your tasty fun. PS. (my dessert didn't look quite as good as Vicki's.