Come Sit with Me

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of The Spirited Table®


He says…come sit with me. 

My response includes a but. He says again, come sit with me. But, I’m kinda busy right now, I promise to check in with you later. 

He says…come sit with me. But are you sure the person I am won’t block the view of the Jesus I know?

The Jesus I know is based on faith. A conviction that He can and a hope that He will. He says…Faith is the envelope in which every request to Me should be placed. 

It’s based on a perpetual cycle of listening and learning, followed by slipping up and sometimes completely falling down. “I can clean that up if you want. And from the basin of His grace, he scoops a palm full of mercy and washes away our sin. We are always being cleansed. Cleansing is not a promise for the future but a reality in the present,” - Max Lucado - Grace for the Moment.

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Palm Sunday was just 6 days ago. He rode into the city on a donkey with throngs of people shouting his name and palm branches placed upon his path, but what happened? He had the longest, saddest, hardest week of His life. For more Palm Sunday - When The Cheering Stopped

But now, today is Good Friday and what He allowed to happen changed the course of history and every life He touches. He gave us a second, third and fourth chance. Christians around the world spend Easter, this season to savor, siting with him, letting his power, grace and most importantly his love, create a change in their hearts. A heart transplant if you will; serene, spectacular, spirited. For more read Good Days and Good Fridays

Easter Sunday, the grave is empty, and even the most extreme skeptics can’t wipe away the witnesses that saw Him walk this earth. One of my favorite parts of the story that is sometimes left out, is what He did before He left this planet. He could have high tailed it out of here and He would have still been the risen Christ. But He did what He always does: He showed up. He appeared to his spirited circle of followers, friends and family. Some of whom had denied they ever knew him. But that’s what He does, He forgave them, He ate with them, He took walks with them, He told them it would all be ok. He had covered for them and their only job was to pass it on, and on, and on. And so it goes. Come sit with me He asks. Your answer just might change your life. 

So this Easter Sunday the answer sung by Christians around the world?                                            He is risen. He is risen indeed. 

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