Hydro Flasks and Water infusions

by Mimi & Vera LevinTastemakers in Residence

Is it just me, or does everyone feel like they get sick more easily during the winter? Well, it makes sense that we get sick more easily because the cold weather forces many of us to seek refuge indoors… confining us in smaller spaces that harbor these easily-transmissible germs. How do we combat the inevitable winter cold or flu? We have all been told to increase our fluid intake when we have a cold, so why not increase our fluid intake as a preventative measure? 

Firstly, nothing makes increasing your fluid intake more appealing than drinking out of a water bottle that you love. With all of the terrible chemicals that go into making many plastic water bottles, I did a lot of research and decided to purchase a Hydro Flask

Hydro Flasks are created with a technology called Tempshield, which is the company’s “double wall, vacuum insulated technology that guards the temperature of your drink.” This means you can use the Hydro Flask for both cold and hot beverages, and not have to worry about any chemicals leeching into your drink. Amazing! I highly, highly recommend you purchase a Hydro Flask to begin your quest in upping your fluid intake. Another cool thing about Hydroflasks is that if you fill out the form below, they will donate 5% of the proceeds to a non-profit or charity that helps people or the planet. Donate to Hydroflask. This product is worth every penny. 

Now that you have a great new water bottle that can be used for both hot and cold drinks, here are some ideas to spice up your water (literally) and boost your immunity!

Pear, pomegranate and clove water:

This combination is great for increasing energy, decreasing inflammation and improving digestion. We recommend making a pitcher and refilling your water bottle from that. 

1 Pear, sliced
Large handful of pomegranate seeds
Cloves, to taste (this is going to depend on the volume of water to which you are adding the cloves… for a pitcher, I like to infuse about five cloves)


  1. When infusing water, try to use organic fruits, and make sure they are completely washed before the infusion process.

Orange, cinnamon and vanilla bean homemade tea

This recipe is great for when you come home after a long day of work.

Orange slices
Cinnamon ground or sticks


  1. Boil water, and remove from heat when it reaches your desired temperature.
  2. Pour the water into your Hydro Flask and add ½ tsp of ground cinnamon (or 1-2 cinnamon sticks), a few slices of orange (skin still intact) and ½ tsp of vanilla extract.
  3. Enjoy!

Lemon water

Food grade lemon essential oil


  1. For this, you will need to purchase food grade lemon essential oil.
  2. Add 2 drops of the essential oil to your water.

Note - Food grade lemon essential oil is very beneficial for reducing stress, increasing energy, rejuvenating skin, boosting the immune system, aiding digestion and relieving insomnia. It also has been shown to relieve some of the symptoms of asthma. Give it a try, and make sure it is food grade!

Stay happy and healthy till winter’s end!