G'Day mate! Teri's trip to Hobart & Sydney

by Teri E. Popp, Tastemaker in Residence

On this particular trip, we also traveled to Hobart, located in Tasmania, an island state situated south of the Australian mainland, to visit my niece who was studying abroad there. Sparsely populated, Tasmania offers mile upon mile of picture postcard scenery. In Hobart, we started our tour in style with high tea.  

We drove from Hobart to visit the Unzoo, a Tasmanian Devil sanctuary. We learned about the Devils' feeding habits during an exhibition meal. Words cannot fully describe this activity, but I will say that this little animal has earned it's moniker! Plus we spent our final visit with some of Australia's signature animals--the kangaroo!

We capped off our trip with a half day stay in Sydney's downtown Marina area. Our boat ride revealed a close-up of Sydney’s famed Opera House, not without the gift of a full rainbow flashing across the sky. Our day ended with a sunset dinner.

The wings of the plane provided the perfect view of Sydney’s harbor. G’day and Good-bye from Australia.