Winter Fairy Gardens

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Round vase large enough to create your fairy garden scene
Candle or votive for the top
Round cardboard piece
Branches, greens, fresh or permanent botanicals, succulents and moss
Glue dashes or glue gun


  1. Cut a circular piece of cardboard the same size as the top of the vase or a bit smaller. (a piece of cardboard from a ribbon roll works great)
  2. Gather branches, greens, fresh and permanent botanical, moss, succulents, fairy furniture and decorative accents. Each family member can create their own scene. 
  3. Glue vase on cardboard with glue dashes. 
  4. Place a candle or votive on the top with greens or branches at base

Another choice is an elevated Fairy Garden preparation in a large low height bowl, using floral foam covered with fake snow. You may add furniture, rocks and fresh or permanent botanicals.