Advent Blooms

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence - Tips from Blooms

Ingredients - This is for the more traditional advent wreath, but variations of the this process work perfectly for the 4 large pillars, place in a low container with birch bark glued to the side

Low container with wet floral foam taped with Waterproof Anchor Tape or Smithers Oasis
Tribute Holder
Green oasis candle holders
Flowers and greens of your choice & color


  1. Secure bark strips on the sides with pan melt glue. If you choose ribbons, place plastic under the ribbon so the ribbon will not wick the water.
  2. Place the candle holders into the foam, glue in place. Candles are replaceable
  3. Insert winter foliages, fresh or permanent berries, decorative accents and fresh flowers into the foam

Floral Notes You can obviously choose a traditional Advent wreath with your decorating colors