Make The Most of This Holiday Season

by Bridget Levin, Tastemaker in Residence

What are you asking for at this time of year? So much of the crazy during the holidays is of our own making.

Instead, why not?

  • Make a list of what you want TO, not just want. I want TO assess the past year and plan for what’s ahead, or I want TO slow down and enjoy the joys of the season.
  • Disconnect so that you can really connect with the important people in your life. Turn off the computers, phones, TVs - just for a while.
  • Check your attitude. Are you approaching the holidays with dread and expectations of stress? Rewrite the script to look ahead with the anticipation of a child or the appreciation of someone who is thankful for what they have.
  • Stay faithful to your wellness practice: go to yoga, take a walk, eat with mindful attention.
  • Befriend stress. Watch Kelly McGonigal’s TedTalk on How To Make Stress Your Friend
  • Share the load. Everybody’s in the same boat, so why not divvy up some of the to-do’s? Gift shop with friends, wrap presents with your sisters, write cards at lunch with colleagues, cook with your kids.
  • Watch out for ruts. Just because something has always been done one way is reason enough to do it another way. Ask the kids for ideas, shake it up, try something new. This can add back a bunch of the fun that a tradition burden has taken away.
  • Insist on downtime. Everybody needs it and it’s best to have some of it all by yourself. Slip away to a choir concert, holiday movie, tea room, massage. Put it in your calendar right now and guard it like it’s the precious thing it is.
  • Laugh. Call someone who cracks you up, rent a funny movie, do something silly. It will save your sanity.

Whatever you’re asking for this holiday season, you’re likely to get. Be care-full of what you wish for!

Food Photos below from the Hanisch Bakery & Coffee Shop in Red Wing, MN. A great day trip!