Kids+Fruit+Burlap+Flowers = Thanksgiving Table Fun

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

You haven’t ordered your favorite Thanksgiving centerpiece and Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

How about gathering the kids/grandkids around the table? Ask them what they’d like to make for the name tags and centerpiece. I know, it’s a bit risky, but on the other hand, if you don’t ever challenge yourself or them for that matter, to think outside the typical Thanksgiving box, you might just miss out on the greatest Thanksgiving table settings you’ve ever seen. 

We began by purchasing or using the following table design ingredients.

A burlap mini-sack for each person
An alphabet full of extra letters
Raffia to make bows
Mason jars for the flowers
Cornucopia for flowers
Candy to stuff in burlap mini-sacks
Fruit for Stick Fruit people

Optional: Mini chalk boards to write the guests names on


  1. Used enough letters to spell Happy Thanksgiving, so we knew we wouldn’t run out
  2. Glued the first letter of each person’s name to the burlap bag and let them dry
  3. One kid/adult cut and prepped the flowers
  4. One kid made the gingerbread turkey
  5. One kid created the fruit people
  6. Everyone participated in flower arranging & setting the table

The feather from the gobbler is you had so much fun and it kept them out of trouble for a while anyway. But most importantly they were away from their electronics and very proud of the fact their creations were center stage on the table.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sutter Family!