23 days till Thanksgiving...so...

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table® 

Today’s Mid-Week Encouragement = Start your holiday planning early!

Halloween is over, so yes, that means Thanksgiving is next on the hit parade of holidays. Don't fret. We all say it, but this year I am really starting today!! 

Start planning early this year; let Ardith Beveridge make your table top a kid friendly affair with the playful pumpkin or have some friends over and do a test run with Amber Waves of Grain, or an Autumn Connection

November is here, so it’s time to set in motion tips, celebrations, and recipes that inspire us to create our own versions of “table dressings”. Maybe it’s modern design with a dash of ancient inspiration that draws your friends and family to your Thanksgiving table. Or maybe it’s as simple as, where will your food experience take you tonight?

Let us know how you're doing, or click Ardith if you'd like for her to give you a hand, yes she really will do that.